Fundraising Ideas For Projects At School

Students at schools constantly work on charity projects. The size of the projects range from buying school supplies for poor kids to building houses for them, or it could simply be a project for some renovation going within the school. All such projects require financial resources. Unless there is a very generous donor who takes care of all such needs, these students need to come up with fundraising ideas. Below are a few ideas from a very lengthy list:

A car wash

This has been a classic fundraiser at school for years. Volunteer to stand by roads with a pile of water and cleaning agents, to wash the cars of people who in turn will contribute some money for the good cause. Make sure you properly communicate what the cause is, to whomever the car wash may be appealing.

Movie day at school

If your teachers grant permission, borrow the school’s projector to screen a movie for the students who are willing to buy a ticket. The latest movie can be screened in a big area of the school itself, such as the gymnasium. While the tickets will be the main source of income here, you could also set up a pop corn or hot dog stall, to earn some extra bucks.


Organize a mini carnival within the school premises with stalls that sell food, clothes, accessories etc. along with game centres and other ideal entertainment options. You could have photobooths, treasure hunts, spell games etc.

Photobooth can also be used to promote awareness of the cause you are working towards, by having specific props related to the cause. A breast cancer awareness prop for instance, may be a huge pink ribbon.

Sell what you make/bake

Though this common fundraising method doesn’t ring about much yield, it is still a very viable and interactive fundraiser. You could make certain crafts, candles, or bake some goodies and sell it to other students and outsiders to earn a few bucks. You could even print book marks or car stickers at a profit, here the profit will be used for the cause you are promoting.

Bring and buy sale

Encourage other students and teachers to donate items that are in good conditions, off their homes. You in turn can sell them at a nominal price, to raise funds.

Talent show

Organize a talent show with the help of other students. The agenda may include songs, dances, instrumentals, magic tricks and dramas etc. Issue tickets for those who would like to watch the performances.

Recipe compilation

Get students to contribute an authentic recipe that is use at their homes. Make a compilation and then make a few copies and sell it to parents, teachers or whoever is interested.